Desktop App

Domotz’s desktop application for Windows and Mac OS provides faster and more efficient access to your agents, while giving you the ability to directly export and import device details for premium agents.

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Desktop Dashboard

With the new desktop application, Domotz has made deployment and support of networked agents more efficient and faster. Running as a native application, for both Windows and Mac OS, Domotz gives service providers a better insight into the systems they are monitoring and managing.

Domotz Desktop App Integration with Excel

Easy Excel Export

Technicians and engineers are now able to do mass updates to devices through Microsoft Excel, improving the efficiency and deployment of each individual network agent. The Import/Export Excel allows you to synchronize data back and forth between Domotz and Excel.

Domotz Desktop App - Excel Integration

Modify Device Details at Scale

Simpilfy the data management process by helping engineers, technicians and support personnel rapidly modify and do mass updates to device specific information within the agent, such as Name, Location, Zone, Type, IP Address. Once modified in Excel, you import the data back to Domotz and all data will be updated.

Domotz Desktop App - Secure Network Monitoring

Built for Speed and Security

As a native application, Domotz has built upon it secure, automatically updated infrastructure to ensure that your desktop application remains up-to-date, with the latest features and functions.

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