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Monitoring and managing multiple remote networks?

Domotz is the premier RMM platform for IT Professionals.

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Domotz + Fing = The Premier Remote Monitoring and Management Solution
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Remotely Monitor & Manage All Your Networks 24/7

Domotz is the award-winning remote monitoring and management system designed for industry professionals. By remotely monitoring and managing your customer networks, you can work more efficiently, save time, save money, and deliver superior customer support anytime 24/7.

Monitor and Manage your Network
All The Network Management Tools You Need

Domotz allows you to monitor and manage EVERY endpoint or device remotely to proactively prevent connectivity issues and solve problems in real-time. Features like Advanced Network Monitoring & Alerts, Automatic Network Port Mapping, Device Response Time, Multiple VLAN Support, Remote Connectivity to devices and Remote Power reboots (and more) give professional users like yourself all the tools you need.

Proactive Customer Support
Provide Proactive Customer Support Instantly

With Domotz Pro, you can detect and prevent issues proactively before your customer even notices. Domotz allows you to reboot devices, and even configure or maintain systems remotely so you can stay on top of problems before they become full blown network outages.

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Use Your Fingbox to Run Domotz Pro Software

Fingbox comes pre-installed with Domotz Pro software, so you can deliver world-class support with your own professional Domotz Pro management dashboard, while still providing customers an app for parental controls and network security.

Features What makes Domotz Pro different...

Utilize one interface to manage multiple networks at multiple locations anywhere in the World. One person can deploy remote monitoring and management in less than 15 minutes.

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More than 3,000 IT Pros use Domotz to deliver remote support to over 20,000 networks daily.

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