Domotz + IT Portal Integration

Integrate Domotz and IT Portal for smoother Documentation and Knowledge Base access.

Aligning the information coming from Domotz with IT Portal helps your team stay in the know with details including, but not limited to: location of devices, zone of the device, status of the device, and device details like name, MAC address and IP Address.

Login to IT Portal
IT Portal Integration - Documentation and Knowledge Base

Learn how to set up the IT Portal integration with Domotz in our step-by-step guide:

IT Portal Integration with Domotz - Image 1

Step 1: Login to your Domotz account, and click on the "Settings" tab in the top right corner.
Step 2: Click on "API Keys".
Step 3: Click "Create an API Key".

IT Portal Integration with Domotz - Image 2

After you've entered your Domotz account password...

Step 5: Add a NAME for your new API Key and click "Create".

IT Portal Integration with Domotz - Image 3

Your API Key is now created in Domotz!

Take note of the API Key and the API Key Endpoint -- you will be using these to connect in IT Portal.

IT Portal Integration with Domotz - Image 4

Switch over to the IT Portal.

Step 6: Go to Admin Settings > Site Settings > Integrations/Links > Select the Domotz tab.
Step 7: Enter the API Key Endpoint provided by Domotz in the Server field.
Step 8: Enter the API Key provided by Domotz in the API Key field.
Step 9: Click the Test Domotz button to ensure that your API Key Endpoint and API Key settings are correct and providing communication with Domotz.

IT Portal Integration with Domotz - Image 5

After confirming your connection is successful...

Step 10: Start mapping your Domotz companies and sites to IT Portal companies and sites.

IT Portal Integration with Domotz - Image 6

Step 11: Start mapping the Domotz device types to IT Portal device types.

You may want to read the IT Portal knowledge base article on adding device types to IT Portal. For example, "Wearables" are not featured in IT Portal by default, so if you wanted a field available called "Wearables" you would need to create one prior to mapping.

IT Portal Integration with Domotz - Image 7

Now that all of the API communication, site mapping and device mapping is complete...

Step 11: Click the "Import Devices" button.

Import process will take a few minutes to complete.

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