Domotz CloudRadial Integration - Your Customer Facing Network Device Discovery

As an MSP or service provider you do a lot of work for your clients. However, a lot of what you do remains invisible to your clients.

With the Domotz and CloudRadial integration working together you can easily show your clients all the technology you are managing on their networks. Use Domotz for Automated Network Device Discovery and show the details in CloudRadial.

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Integration between CloudRadial and Domotz
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    Build trust
    Don’t tell your clients they should trust you - show them

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    Prove your value
    Show your clients all the devices and systems you are managing on their networks

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    Network device discovery
    Use Domotz to automatically discover all devices and systems on a network and display the details in CloudRadial

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    Use the details provided by Domotz to upsell services based on the devices and systems on your client networks

How the integration works for Network Device Discovery

How the integration works for Network Device Discovery:

  • Domotz automatically analyzes the network and discovers all devices like model, MAC address, location, zone, software version, and IP addresses
  • The full inventory of the network provided by Domotz is sent to CloudRadial
  • Your clients can Login to CloudRadial and see all the technology you are managing for them on the network

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