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Monitoring tens of thousands of networks for large organizations and technology service providers across 190 countries

Get ready to win the challenges of modern network monitoring and management


Gain full knowledge of the networks you manage.

Rely on real-time and automated device discovery, inventory and topology mapping.

Powerful diagnostics and alerts to have complete visibility and prevent or detect problems.

With our monitoring software you can easily integrate with your preferred Documentation, PSA or productivity tools.

“Domotz has become an important part of our Private Cloud services in case of on-premise infrastructure monitoring. All of our engineers love this tool that allows us to interact immediately after a network event occurred in a way before customers are recognizing a failure.”

OnSpirix Inc


Identify issues and troubleshoot in real-time.

Automated config backup & restore on monitored network and devices.

Secure remote access to any device in the network.

Advanced network management features for network infrastructure devices as well as a variety of IoT devices (connected appliances, smart sensors, smart devices etc.).

“Each SNA Displays deployment includes a Domotz agent as part of the total solution, allowing the SNAPros™ team to act quickly and respond to any technical issue that arises.”

SNA Display

  • $35/month per site
  • No minimum commitment
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Automatically scan networks for assets and security vulnerabilities.

Receive real-time alerts when a new device joins the network.

Detect intruders and identify network security threats before they become an issue for your business.

Leverage 2FA, SSO, have a centralized access and audit log of remote accesses.

“Based on the assessment report from Domotz, CyberPrivacy is able to quickly demonstrate and educate the customer with the next necessary security steps, ultimately leading to new services employed by the team.”



Scale your business relying on a high level of automation, integrations with the most popular hardware and software.

Install our network monitoring software in minutes and rely on a hassle-free maintenance over time.

Delight your customers with an outstanding level of services.

All the features you need to succeed, and a cost-effective monthly fee.

Save time by preventing IT issues and solve problems in real-time by mobile and web dashboard.

“By leveraging Domotz as a back-end support tool, they have created frontend value for the integrator, and they are able to scale beyond what they could before.”

Access Networks

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  • $35/month per site
  • No minimum commitment
  • Cancel anytime
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