HelloTech NOC Support and Help Desk Support Services

HelloTech Professional Support Plans

Monitoring and support plans designed for professionals.

NOC Support

$ 14.95
Per site, per month.
  • Endpoint Monitoring, Tier 1 Escalation to End-User, Monitor & Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity, Device & Network Alerts
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Help Desk Support

$ 34.95
Per site, per month.
  • 24/7/365 Remote Support, Efficient SLAs, Dektop Web Dashboard, Discounted On-Site Rates
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Choose a Support Add-On:

NOC Support Help Desk Support
Remote Support check
Business Hours 6am - 6pm PST, Mon-Fri. 24/7/365
Endpoint Monitoring check check
Max # Users Supported N/A Up to 10
Max # of Endpoints 250 250
Desktop Web Dashboard check
Discounted Onsite Rates check

NOC Support - IT Support Services NOC Monitoring - $14.95/site monthly

  • Endpoint Monitoring Our system keeps an eye on all network devices. No remote support is included. Up to 250 endpoints.
  • Tier 1 Escalation to End-User We'll let you know when critical devices fall offline so you can get a jump start on resolving them.
  • Monitor & Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity If the site is unreachable, we'll check for local ISP outages to help get it back online faster.
  • Device & Network Alerts Be aware of the bandwidth usage on a network or when speeds drop below a set amount.

Help Desk Monitoring - IT Support Services Help Desk Support - $34.95/site monthly

  • 24/7/365 Remote Support via Phone/SMS/Email/Chat. We handle 'tier 1' issues* with IoT devices, networks, computers & tablets, printers, and smart home systems.
    • 'Tier 1' is defined as anything that can be resolved by searching the brand-specific knowledge base. Access to device software/app is not required for these issues to be resolved.
    • We escalate to our internal 'tier 2' team if external communications are required to resolve the issue. This includes contacting the brand-specific support (Nest, Samsung, etc.). This team assesses if the issue can be resolved remotely or if an on-site visit is required.
    • Supported devices include most major consumer brands.
    • Support is provided for up to 10 users & their devices on a single network.
    • Internal support only (no guest/customer).
      (Approval for external support is required by HelloTech/Domotz prior to sign-up.)
  • Efficient SLAs With a 2-hour response time and 24-hour resolution plan, we'll make sure your issues are handled promptly.
  • Desktop Web Dashboard for Network & Device Snapshots, Submitting Support Requests, Placing Orders, Account Management, and Personalized Tips.
  • Discounted On-Site Rates for Device Installations, TV Mounting, Network Wiring, and More.