Domotz is the essential tool to monitor & manage complex IT infrastructures.

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Delivering real-time visibility and control of all network-based devices and their data flows

Inventory iconInventory

Gain full visibility of any digital network with real-time, Automated Devices Discovery.

Automatically plot the endpoints and the Topology of the networks.

Leverage our Network Asset Discovery feature to extract actionable insights on all network-based devices and IT infrastructures.

Document and track devices in real-time with your preferred PSA, documentation or productivity tools. With thousands of free integrations available, Domotz will work seamlessly with your tech stack.

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“Domotz has become an important part of our Private Cloud services in case of on-premise infrastructure monitoring. Our engineers love this tool that allows us to interact immediately after a network event occurred in a way before customers are recognizing a failure.”

OnSpirix Inc

Monitoring iconMonitoring

Identify critical issues before they occur. Troubleshoot fast in real-time at network and device level as they occur.

Rely on SNMP Pre-configured sensors, TCP services monitoring, and special integrations to be on top of every network-based device.

Increase the performance and operational efficiency of your IT infrastructure by using WAN and LAN statistics, measures, alerts and graphs.

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“Each SNA Displays deployment includes a Domotz agent as part of the total solution, allowing the SNAPros™ team to act quickly and respond to any technical issue that arises.”

SNA Displays

  • $35/month per site
  • No minimum commitment
  • Cancel anytime
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Management iconManagement

Leverage Domotz powerful remote connection to solve issues without rolling a truck. Securely and efficiently control PDUs and PoE switches with our remote power management feature.

Secure access to any device in the network with embedded secure remote connection for Web Services (HTTP, HTTPS), Remote Desktop (RDP), and Console Access.

Rely on advanced features for Network Configuration Management, Versioning and Backup.

Special integrations for Access Points, Security Cameras and many other devices.

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“Based on the assessment report from Domotz, Silverback Consulting is able to quickly demonstrate and educate the customer with the next necessary security steps, ultimately leading to new services employed by the team.”

Silverback Consulting

Security iconSecurity

A Domotz agent automatically scans the network, looking for changes to devices and can alert you when new devices show up.

By using this feature IT teams can make sure that networks remain secure, cybersecurity threats are neutralized with an advanced, real-time alerting system.

2FA and SSO/SAML for Identity Access and Management are in place so that IT teams can access the client's systems safely.

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“By leveraging Domotz as a back-end support tool, they have created frontend value for the integrator, and they are able to scale beyond what they could before.”

Access Networks

  • $35/month per site
  • No minimum commitment
  • Cancel anytime
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