Network Topology Mapping Software

Domotz comes equipped with a powerful and intuitive network topology mapping feature, which gives you an overview of how devices are connected to each other on the network using a graphical representation. Domotz automatically discovers every device on your network, plots the topology and track their activities.

Understanding network architecture and how devices are interconnected is the first step in deciding the best way to manage and secure a network.

Gain full visibility and stay in control of what’s happening in the networks you manage by leveraging the map of how the nodes/devices are connected to each other.

Domotz network mapping software for network topology mapping.

Easily visualize the network hierarchy

Network Topology Mapping with Domotz Network Mapping software

Our network mapping software provides a visual representation of the connectivity of your equipment to network devices, including both Wi-Fi and wired connections through managed or unmanaged switches. The map allows you to easily navigate and view how devices are connected to one another.

Easily access the device details

Network Topology Mapping software with device details

With our network topology mapping capabilities, users can easily switch between devices with just one click. You can access all the necessary device details quickly and efficiently. Additionally, our mapping feature helps you easily locate your equipment and its position within the network.

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