Network Topology Mapping

Domotz's automated network map shows how devices are connected to each other, in an intuitive and easy to navigate interface.

Devices are automatically displayed on the map and update with any changes, like when a device is moved from one WiFi Access Point to another.

Network Topology Mapping feature

Network Topology Mapping - Image 1

Easily view Network heirarchy

Visually display how your equipment is connected to the network devices (WiFi, wired through managed or unmanaged Switches). Navigate the map and see how devices are connected to each other.

Network Topology Mapping - Image 2

Easy access to device details

Quickly switch from one device to another, accessing all the device details you need with a single click. Network Topology Mapping helps you find and locate your equipment and where it sits on the network.

Learn how to use Network Topology Mapping in our step-by-step guide:

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