Network Mapping Software - Network Topology Mapping

Powerful and intuitive Network Mapping Software to automatically plot the endpoints and topology of the network you are managing.

Understanding network architecture and how devices are interconnected is the first step in deciding the best way to manage and secure a network.

Domotz’s network management software comes equipped with a comprehensive network topology mapping tool that will instantly show you a map of how the nodes/devices on a network are connected to each other.

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Domotz network mapping software for network topology mapping.

Network mapping software features:

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    Automatic discovery and mapping of devices

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    See how devices are connected to each other

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    Intuitive and user friendly mobile and web apps

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    Helps with PCI compliance

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    Includes multiple maps - from one single scan

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    Detect network topology changes instantly and in real-time via email and push notification alerts

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    Multi-level network discovery

Network Topology Mapping with Domotz Network Mapping software

Easily view Network heirarchy

Domotz network mapping software visually displays how your equipment is connected to the network devices (WiFi, wired through managed or unmanaged Switches). Navigate the map and see how devices are connected to each other.

Network Topology Mapping software with device details

Easy access to device details

Domotz network topology mapping enables you to quickly switch from one device to another. Access all the device details you need with a single click. Network topology mapping also helps you find and locate your equipment and where it sits on the network.

Affordable network mapping software

Domotz remote network management system includes network topology mapping features at the starting cost of $23 per network for monitoring and managing an unlimited number of endpoints. Try it free, without payment card details.

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What is Network Topology Mapping?

Network Topology refers to the layout of the various nodes on a network and how they are connected to each other. Nodes could be things like; routers, firewalls, switches and network connections. How communication between nodes happens on a network is dependent on the network topology (aka network architecture). Learn more about network topology.

Network topology mapping instantly plots out this information in an understandable and easy to read format so MSPs and network admins can make sense of it.

Read our Case Studies to see how Domotz customers are using our Network Topology Mapping software to support their clients.

Benefits of network mapping software?

  • Network management strategy: Use network mapping software to ensure you fully understand everything on the network so you can put together an effective strategy for managing it.
  • Save time: Immediately understand network architecture from a single scan.
  • Stay updated about changes: Domotz network mapping tool will keep you updated in real-time about any changes on the network - for example when a device is moved from one access point to another. Keeping track of this information without software would take a considerable amount of time and effort.
  • Network security strategy: Understand network topology so you can choose the best strategy for securing it.

More than 4,000 customers use Domotz to deliver remote support to over 20,000 networks daily.

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