Supercharge your IT business with our new Booster Packs

Give your Domotz Agent a boost with our Booster Packs! Monitor more devices, subnets and external IP hosts and get more remote connection bandwidth and API calls. More features coming soon!

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Add extra power to your Agent

Monitor more devices, subnets and external IP hosts to get more remote connection, API calls and custom variables

Booster Pack

$ 15
Cost per 1 Pack, per month, per Agent.
One Booster Pack

Why add a Booster Pack to your Agent?

A must have for all Managed Service Providers

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    Boost your power to serve larger networks and environments

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    Monitor more sensors and devices

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    More powerful bandwidth consumption for remote connections

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    Monitor more devices and services outside of the network

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    Discover more devices and subnets using a single Domotz Agent

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    More customized automated workflows through more API calls

Give your Agent a boost!

Enhance a single Agent's capabilities by adding multiple Booster Packs

Booster Pack Portal

Give an individual Domotz Agent a “Boost” to get more volumes of the key features you need with a consumption threshold. With the possibility to add multiple Booster Packs these thresholds are dramatically increased so you have more power to serve larger networks through a single Agent.

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Get started with the Booster Packs

Booster Packs are now available and can be applied to individual Agents from the Domotz portal. You decide which Agent to use a Booster Pack on.

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