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Our Values

Planet IconEmpowerment

Working at Domorz means being empowered with responsibility and support to make decisions and take ownership. We believe in trust, collaboration, and communication. We encourage our people to take the initiative, think creatively, and be proactive in problem-solving.

Our employees can work on new projects and challenge themselves with complex problems. Instead of waiting for someone else to decide or fix them, everyone takes ownership and works cross-functionally to get the job done.

Bulb IconGrowth culture

We’re growing fast, meaning nothing stays the same very long. We must all remain curious, adaptive, and open to new ideas to succeed. We hire people who can learn faster than we grow and empower them to improve constantly.

We encourage our people to take on new challenges, learn from their mistakes, and strive for personal and professional growth. Our growth mindset culture is a critical driver of innovation and helps us to create a more dynamic, engaged, and productive environment.

Bagne IconContinuous improvement

Our long-term vision can only be realized if we do the right thing rather than take self-serving shortcuts, from how we treat each other and build long-term relationships to the type of customer we work with and the product we make.

We adopt a continuous improvement mentality that aims to create a culture of innovation and progress, enabling individuals and organizations to evolve and grow continuously.

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It’s the people behind Domotz that sets us apart.
Our team builds award winning software that’s positively impacting businesses around the world.

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