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Domotz User Guide
The Complete User Guide
Managing Multiple Remote Networks with Domotz Pro
Multisite Dashboard
How to view IoT device data on remote networks with Domotz Pro
Device Details
How to access remote networks with Domotz Agents and endpoint management dashboard.
Agent Dashboard
Configuring Domotz Eyes for remote monitoring devices
Configuring Domotz Eyes
How to Install Domotz Box Agents on remote networks
Domotz Box
Synology Remote Access - Domotz Installation
QNAP Remote Access - Domotz Installation
Raspberry Pi Remote Access - Domotz Installation
Raspberry Pi
Domotz Box configuration best practices

This video covers the best practices for configuring and installing a new Domotz Box for Remote Network Management.
~2 minutes

Getting started with Domotz Pro

Just getting started with Domotz? Follow along as our CTO, Giancarlo Fanelli, walks you through Domotz PRO’s available features, set-up and configuration shortcuts, and make sure you are getting the most of our platform.
~40 minutes

RMM Technical Training (Series)

Learn more about how Domotz makes remote network management easy, as our Head of Support guides you througha live demo and covers many of our top features.

Modular Structure
Security Standards
Modern Workflow
Domotz Box Specs
Fully Responsive
Modular Structure
Domotz Pro Brochure

The brochure highlights the features of Domotz Pro (monitoring, alerts, diagnostics, network mapping etc.) helping you better understand what Domotz offers. Many of our Domotz Pro dealers use this document to sell their services.

Fully Responsive
Domotz Visuals

Use the Domotz Visuals to market your remote support service. You can use the visuals on your website, a landing page, a brochure or email marketing campaign.

Let’s Do The Math!

In this webinar, Seth and JB show you how to use Domotz remote monitoring and management (RMM) to build recurring monthly revenue (RMR).
~46 minutes

Don’t Sell Domotz!

In this webinar, Seth Rubenstein and JB Fowler will talk you through strategies and tactics for building your business and improving your customer relationships with RMM from Domotz—without ever mentioning Domotz Pro to your customer.
~62 minutes

How to Deploy and Use Domotz Pro Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

In our last webinar, we showed you how to use Domotz Pro to enhance your business. In this more technical webinar, Giancarlo Fanelli, CTO, walks you through installing Domotz Pro for remote monitoring and management (RMM).
~56 minutes

Intro to Domotz Pro Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

In this webinar JB Fowler, CRO, shows you how to use Domotz Pro remote monitoring and management (RMM) in your business to save time and money, boost profits, and deliver superior customer service.
~33 minutes

Lite $3/m

Ideal for Residential Integrators

Get Started
  • Unlimited Endpoints
  • Monitoring & Alerts
  • Secure Remote Connection
  • & Much More...
Advanced $6/m

Ideal for IT Professionals, Security Integrators, Commercial Integrators for SMB

Get started
  • Everything included in Lite
  • Advanced Alerts
  • Additional Subnet Monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Access Point Advanced Monitoring
  • & Much More...
Premium $19/m

Ideal for MSPs, Franchises, Hospitality, Retail, Corporate offices, Commercial Integrators for Large Business

Get started
  • Device Response Time Monitoring
  • Security Features (Perimeter Network Scans)
  • Desktop App with Configuration (Coming Soon)
  • Document Storage (Coming Soon)
  • & Much More...

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