Remote Network Monitoring and Management for:

Security Professionals

Domotz provides real-time notifications if any endpoint or critical part of the network goes down, allowing you to inform your customers and even help fix the root cause without rolling a truck. Expand your business beyond traditional physical security into cybersecurity and remote monitoring and management.

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Cyber Security

Add best practice services and protocols. Adding network and device security services to your physical security offerings.

Device Identification & Network Mapping

Identifies any device on any network using reliable Fing technology — which has discovered over billions of connected devices.

A Unified System

One place to view all information about networks and devices; the end to using bits and pieces of different software.

Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Powerful features to help monitor network and device health & fix issues with remote power management and device access.

Physical + Cyber Security Realized

Add best practice services and protocols like perimeter network scans. Adding network and device security to your physical security offerings is your winning combination.

RMon Capabilities designed for Security Professionals
Power Management

(Software Reboot)

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Remote Access


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Team Collaboration

Add your team to work together

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(Network & Device Status)

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Reports & Logging

(Manual Events)

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Network Diagnostics


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Remote Network Monitoring
Easy to Use

No complex training required to operate Domotz. A simple interface for remote network monitoring and management that enables everyone in your organization to become a support hero.

Remote Power Management
Reduce the Noise

Domotz Pro gives you the alerts and information you actually need and use. Reduced noise and device and network information that really matters.

Flexible Remote Access
Plug & Play Deployment

No complicated setup process. Easy to install and maintain. The software includes both self-install (Synology, QNAP, ReadyNAS, Raspberry Pi) and proprietary hardware installation options.

Automated Network Mapping
Save Costs

Extremely affordable monthly or annual licensing with no device limits or hidden upcharges.

Identytech Logo Case Study: Identytech

“Domotz has become such an important part of the IdentyTech arsenal of tools for our field techs and our customers that we now actively adding it to a new project anytime we are adding a very remote location or building an advanced network with 100-plus devices to manage.”

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