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Broad Spectrum Services - Domotz Customer MSP Review for Network Management Software

"There is something special you are doing, that is fantastic. You have created a culture of responsiveness in the reaction time and the platform that is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Keep up the great work!"

Onspirix - Domotz Customer Review for RMM

"Domotz has become an important part of our Private Cloud services in case of on premise infrastructure monitoring."

"You saved me a truck roll in the first week with the first client that we installed Domotz for. Awesome! Allowed me to solve a pressing network issue for my client on a Friday evening after hours without leaving my couch."

Whiteline Consulting uses Domotz for RMM

"This is such a great product, it has helped me so much already and has saved me many service calls."

"Check it out! With Domotz I am able to log in to the customers's Lutron repeater from remote. This is worth the cost of Domotz just to handle Lutron." - Domotz Customer Review for RMM

"Wow!!! I just used the blocking feature available through Violet - Domotz's Customer Facing App. It worked great. It's still a mystery to me how it works, but that doesn't really matter! Thanks!"

Elevated Electronics - Domotz Customer Review for RMM

"These guys truly understand what our business is all about! Being able to know what’s happening before the client does separates us from everyone else. The product pays for itself in the reduction of truck rolls, with the customer satisfaction being a huge bonus. It’s a true win-win, which is why we use them as standard equipment in every job."

SAV Digital Environments - Domotz Customer Review for RMM

"We quickly realized the boundless capabilities Domotz has to remotely monitor and manage issues that may arise within our customers environments before they know it, or ever even know it. Domotz has proven itself time after time, earning a spot at the forefront of our 5-star client service."

Clear Device - Domotz Customer Review for RMM

"Domotz is FREAKING AWESOME. We love what Domotz all is doing with the service and the direction it is taking."

Trademark Systems - Domotz Customer Review for RMM

"Great product. I have been very pleased with the capabilities of this product and I always appreciate the new features that are added."

Aloud Custom Installation - Domotz Customer Review for RMM

"Domotz is a great tool, allowing us to be on top of things and have a proactive service department. The notifications and remote access features are just great! We love it."

star star star star star
“This has allowed us to deliver a more proactive service to our customers as well as expand our service offering to things that require more visibility to the network. Overall this has been a great choice and I expect we will continue to expand the use of Domotz.” Shane C., via Capterra
star star star star star
“Highly recommended! For £20 pm you will be hard pushed to find anything better. There are many other remote access products but I have found them to be fiddly or time consuming, not to mention costly. We are a startup so cost is obviously very important to us. Domotz provides exactly what we need, with a simple interface and ease of use.” Howard H., via Capterra
star star star star star
“Domotz gives me amazing insight and intelligent reporting that makes my techs 2x smarter and more efficient. No more hunting through static netmaps, or hunting down the root cause, Domotz gives me all the information I need in an instant. Amazingly affordable for the features and possibilities.” Clayton B., via Capterra
star star star star star
“This cost effective little box packs a bunch of features such as active monitoring and notifications, remote connection to network devices, and a easy to read and understand dashboard.” Christopher F., via Capterra
star star star star star
“It was very easy to implement - either via their hardware or software installation on our Synology. And the integrations with our ticketing system as well as our wireless controller is just awesome. Their customer support is top notch as well. ” Samuel V., via Capterra
star star star star star
“Domotz is really user friendly and you can choose which devices you want to monitor closely by setting up alerts. The remote access feature is good, which enables me to access devices and computer remotely. The remote power functionality is also really great, because I can reboot devices from remote. I like that Domotz offers a free trial before committing and afterward the subscription is super affordable at only a few dollars a month.” Marco B., via Capterra
star star star star star
“Using Domotz I can easily monitor the status of my Office network and Home devices. The software is really helpful to ensure that all technology is consistently working properly and as it should be. I really like the RDP protocol which gives me access to all my home/office PC's remotely, which is convenient as I often travel. The system has really helped me solve problems on my network remotely. Great support team too!” Gianluca N., via Capterra
star star star star star
“Fantastic software for its small cost with very handy features for home users as well as installation companies like myself. You will not be disappointed with how simple it is to get your devices all being monitored from one app.” Alex L., via Capterra
star star star star star
“Domotz proposes itself as a possible antagonist of most of the expensive and burdensome asset and control software for devices and networks. Simplicity of the interface and operation make it unique, moreover with the regular implementations that are performed, each time they cover other fundamental aspects for IT administrators who always need control over their network.” Samuel C., via G2Crowd
star star star star star
“Domotz has allowed us to troubleshoot much more quickly than before and take care of our clients' support needs often before they even realize there is a problem. When support tickets are received, our agents are able to run the client's issue against the Domotz monitoring system to quickly and effectively assess what problems may exist within the network. The interface for both our team and clients is easy to use and understand.” Michael Y., via G2Crowd
star star star star star
“Once you start using Domotz for monitoring your customer networks and devices, you cannot go back!"Domotz is super easy to install and get up and running. Set-up is as easy as connecting a power plug and a network cable, then you're ready to go! With Domotz, I find out about problems in real-time and can solve them too, rather than having to wait for a customer to call me and tell me about a problem. So for me Domotz has introduced a revolutionary way to work. In short, I couldn’t go back to not using Domotz.” Lello D., via G2Crowd
star star star star star
“The Best Network App! We install everyone of these on our custom automated jobs and this comes in very handy gives us the chance of logging in instead of rolling a vehicle out we have sold other competitor brands practice is top-notch bar none.” Rich R., via Apple iTunes
star star star star star
“It just works. Turned a raspberry pi that was just sitting around doing nothing into a network monitoring agent. Install was simple. App works well. Reasonably priced. Great find!” Orci O., via Apple iTunes
star star star star star
“Domotz is my go-to tool for monitoring networks. The agent does a great job of identifying all devices on the network and sending me alerts if they are offline. The ability to remote into any device on the network is incredibly useful when I'm troubleshooting a problem or need to adjust a setting.” Chris O., via Google Play
star star star star star
“A must have for IT Admins. This is quickly becoming one of those... "Why did I wait so long to start using this?" I design and implement networks for homes and business. I have done a lot in the background to mitigate outages.” Chris R., via Google Play
Identytech Logo - Domotz Customer Review for RMM

Case Study: Identytech

“Domotz allows us to take a far more proactive approach to servicing our clients, if all goes well, we can remedy a problem before the customer realizes there was a problem.”

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Smartopia Logo - Domotz Customer Review for RMM

Case Study: Smartopia

“Domotz allows us to take immediate action when something needs to be addressed - fixing small issues before they become complex ones. This reduces client frustration and improves our operational efficiencies.”

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