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With Domotz, Commercial Integrators can reduce truck rolls and save time while delivering superior customer service and building a solid recurring revenue model.

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Domotz is the best solution for Commercial Integrators

Increase Operational Efficiency

Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Rely on remote connectivity to any device
  • Get automated, customizable alerts on any issue
  • Avoid costly truck rolls and spend less time on tickets to manage issues from anywhere, at any time
Delight Your Customers

Delight Your Customers

  • Inform your customers within two business hours to solve issues faster
  • Let your customers know before anything happens
  • Boost your customer service and build a long-term relationship
Grow Your Recurring Revenue

Grow Your Recurring Revenue

  • Offer remote monitoring as part of your services
  • Grow your business by moving from one-off projects to building a recurring revenue model
  • Offer superior services that delight customers

Monitor anything from anywhere

We give you the power to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot any device remotely

Remotely Connect to Any Device

  • Access any device remotely using any TCP protocol, including Telnet, SSH, RDP, and others.
  • Use your preferred desktop software seamlessly with our VPN on demand.
  • Rely on a single pane of glass: Gain full visibility of your network with a unified dashboard for easy monitoring.

Gain Remote Power Control of Any Device

  • Remote Access: Quickly access any devices remotely.
  • Remote Power Cycling: Perform secure remote power up, down, and power cycling for any device you manage.
  • Advanced Device Control: Control power to individual ports on managed network switches, UPS, smart plugs, and PDUs.

Get Effortless Remote Troubleshooting

  • Collect more data: Gain comprehensive visibility into any device and network and identify performance and configuration issues.
  • Receive automated alerts: Receive automated alerts about any issues that could potentially lead to network failures. Easily customize alerts based on your specific needs.
  • Remote device troubleshooting: Get remote access to any device or network to troubleshoot and fix issues without physically being onsite. Reduce truck rolls and speed up resolution time.

Empower Your Connection With Vendor-neutral Monitoring

  • We support any manufacturer, product, and available API: You can access any available network API over any TCP connection.
  • We offer standard network protocols: SNMP, TCP, and more.
  • We have ready-to-use custom scripts: Use our scripting engine to get data from anything
    • Use our pre-configured scripts
    • Write your scripts from scratch
    • Suggest new scripts to develop

Enable Your Business to Work With a Flexible Pricing Model

  • Flexible pricing model: Get simple, straightforward, and transparent pricing.
  • Pay as you grow: No hidden fees or annual commitments. Cancel anytime. Pay according to your business expansion.

Get Domotz as an affordable IT expense and part of your set of tools.

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Sell recurring services with Domotz

Enable a recurring revenue model and bring value to your customers

Domotz enables Commercial Integrators to move from a project-based business model to a recurring revenue model.

Create a package for recurring services for your customers.

  • Check blue icon Grow your client base
  • Check blue icon Add a new recurring revenue stream
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What problems does Domotz solve?

We leverage Domotz to transform our sales and service and improve the efficiency of our operations. Domotz’s automatic discovery of all devices associated with the network allows us to set up and maintain the system quickly. The prompt alerts on system sensors and network status yield exceptional value to our team, enabling the rapid response.

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