Case Study | Achieving Rapid IT Deployment and Massive Cost Savings

Informatik Group, leveraging Domotz technology, efficiently managed to access and monitor critical network infrastructure across 30 global sites, involving over 2,600 devices distributed across six continents.

By adopting Domotz for their network monitoring needs, Informatik Group achieved significant cost savings, estimated at over $250,000, by reducing the need for physical travel and resource deployment to these widespread locations.

This case study examines how Domotz enabled rapid, effective monitoring and management of vast and complex network systems, contributing to substantial financial and operational efficiencies.

Informatik Group Case Study
About the client
About the client

Informatik Group LLC is a seasoned IT consultancy firm that specializes in delivering swift and comprehensive IT transformation solutions for global entities. Their services are pivotal for organizations undergoing mergers, network deployments, and system integrations, particularly for industries like energy, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, and logistics.

The group prides itself on its ability to assess and optimize IT landscapes, execute strategic transformation plans, and ensure sustained operational success through continuous monitoring and support.

The Challenge
The Challenge

The primary challenge for Informatik Group was the deployment & immediate operationalization of IT infrastructures across 30 international locations within a stringent 48-hour window. This endeavor was compounded by the geographic dispersion of sites and the necessity to manage installations remotely.

Traditional methods would have necessitated significant travel and on-site engineering work, escalating costs and logistical complexities, especially when unexpected systems needed swift integration into the network.

The Solutiion
The Solution

Domotz emerged as the optimal solution for Informatik Group's needs. It provided essential tools for real-time monitoring, network performance, and remote management capabilities.

Domotz's ability to rapidly identify and integrate both known and newly discovered devices into network monitoring frameworks enabled Informatik Group to avoid the delays typically associated with manual deployments and on-site troubleshooting.

“Informatik Group estimated that, by implementing Domotz, they saved their client well over $250,000 in travel and resources. Logistically, having 30 remote sites scattered throughout the world would have required a network engineer deployed at each site, ensuring that systems were up and running AND walking each site to find systems, taking time and the use of expensive engineering resources.”


Check white icon Resource
Saved over $250,000 in travel and resource expenses. Reduced the need for onsite network engineers, allowing them to focus on broader strategic issues
Check white icon Efficiency &
Enabled remote setup and monitoring of 30 sites within 48 hours, a feat that would have been impractical with traditional methods
Check white icon Discovery
& Integration
Automated detection and integration of previously unknown critical devices, such as SCADA systems and video conferencing technology, into the network
Check white icon Operational
Ensured that all sites were operational and fully monitored immediately following deployment, with minimal downtime

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