Case Study | Using Domotz to keep clients protected, aware, and safe

While Silverback Consulting goes above and beyond for their clients, MSPS need to see how they leverage Domotz to get a better scale on what would usually be considered a rather tedious but necessary task. MSPs should look at secondary checks for vulnerabilities on the networks they monitor. They should also take advantage of the logging and reporting features, including the network topology mapping, to bring awareness to their clients.

Silverback Consulting Case Study
About the client
About the client

Silverback Consulting is a reputable MSP specializing in delivering robust IT solutions to various businesses across the USA. Known for its proactive approach and tailored IT services, Silverback Consulting assists clients in managing and optimizing their IT infrastructure. The company’s services include network management, cybersecurity, and IT support, catering to diverse industry needs.

The Challenge
The Challenge

Silverback Consulting faced the challenge of maintaining high service standards while managing increasing client networks. The primary issues were related to real-time network monitoring, quick problem identification, and efficient resource allocation. Without a robust and scalable solution, these challenges threatened their service quality and client satisfaction, necessitating the search for a comprehensive network monitoring tool.

The Solutiion
The Solution

To address these challenges, Silverback Consulting integrated Domotz into its service operations. Domotz provided:

  • Comprehensive Network Monitoring: Real-time insights into network performance and status
  • Automated Alerts: Immediate notifications of network issues, enabling swift response
  • Remote Troubleshooting: Tools for diagnosing and fixing problems without on-site visits
  • Efficient Resource Management: Better allocation and utilization of technical resources

Based on the assessment report from Domotz, Silverback Consulting is able to quickly demonstrate and educate the customer with the next necessary security steps, ultimately leading to new services employed by the team.”


Check white icon Improved Network Visibility
Enhanced ability to monitor and manage multiple client networks from a single dashboard
Check white icon Faster Issue Resolution
Reduction in response times due to real-time alerts and remote troubleshooting capabilities
Check white icon Optimized Resource Allocation
Better utilization of technical resources, reducing unnecessary on-site visits and operational costs
Check white icon Enhanced Client Satisfaction
Higher satisfaction levels due to proactive problem resolution and minimized downtime

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