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Leverage the power of native integrations with Connectwise Manage, Datto Autotask PSA, and Syncro.

Unlock your Domotz data, automate ticketing and alert processes, and stay focused with the Domotz Certified Integration Package.

Remote Power Management feature

Certified Integration Package

$ 10
Per site, per month.
“A must have for all Managed Service Providers”

Why add the Certified Integration Package?

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    Powerful automation features to simplify your workflow

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    Spend less time switching between tools

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    Seamless compatibility between Domotz and Certified Integration Package Partners

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    Access and visibility to Domotz data in your favorite MSP tools

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    Provide faster support to your customers

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    Advanced alerting to keep your team in sync

ConnectWise Manage Integration - Certified Integration Package

Connectwise Manage Integration

Instantly create and update ConnectWise Manage tickets when a specific event occurs on the networks or devices monitored through Domotz.

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Connectwise Integration

“We're excited to team up with Domotz to help Connectwise users simplify their workflow.”

Datto Autotask PSA Integration

Tickets created in Autotask PSA will contain all the needed information for a device or network. When viewing the Autotask ticket, there is a direct link to the affected device or network to quickly analyze and resolve the issue through Domotz.

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Syncro MSP Integration - Certified Integration Package

Syncro MSP Integration

Use Syncro MSP as a contact channel - alerting your team when events occur on the network like New Device Added, Security Threats, Packet Loss, OID Sensor Monitoring, and more!

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