Advanced Network Reporting

Get on-demand and monthly reports, including network details like agent information and status, internet speed test charts, internet latency charts, WAN performance measures, agent disconnections, down/uptime of important devices, and so much more.

Customize your reports by selecting from any available predefined modules.

Generate your network reports as a pdf file. Or, have them sent via email to yourself, your team, or clients.

Advanced Network Reporting Manual

Customize your advanced network reports

Advanced Network Reports

There are two types of advanced network reports we provide:

  • Manual: Get an advanced network report by email, including the 30 days of activity on the network. Manual network reports can be generated on-demand at any time, and there are no limits on the number
  • Automatic: Configure automatic advanced network reports to send on the 1st day of every month. Send automatic reports to yourself, your team and clients

You can also customize your advanced network reports with your company logo, which is perfect for sending them directly to a client. Many of our users find advanced network reports valuable for bringing visibility to your work on a client network.

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