Interfaces Monitoring

Rely on Domotz to automatically detect and associate your devices with the port to which they are connected.

Switch port details are displayed, such as PoE consumption, link type, current upload/download rate, as well as a 30-day history of throughput, errors, and packet loss information.

Automated switch port mapping is available for all the managed switches compliant with the RFC4188 standard.

Automated Managed Switch Port Mapping Device Details

How does automated managed switch port mapping work?

Network Topology Switch Details

When a managed network switch is recognized by Domotz, a new tab, called Interfaces, is displayed in the Device Details view.

In case of a PoE switch, additional features will be available in the Interfaces tab such as power cycling and information regarding Total Power Consumption, and Budget information.

An unmanaged switch can be marked as a child device off a managed port, enhancing the topology view and information about your network.

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