Custom Monitoring

Customize the way you monitor with our network monitoring software!

Use the Domotz ready-to-use scripts to retrieve crucial information about your devices. Gain easy-to-use custom monitoring with 3rd party integrations.

Build custom monitoring dashboards and automation to display relevant information specific to your needs.

Access the most essential information to view your network and devices comprehensively.

Custom Monitoring

Pre-configured scripts

Our Automation and Scripts feature will allow you to create scripts on your IP-connected devices to retrieve additional data and execute actions on them.

These scripts are Java-based and are ready to apply. You can find them in our library to use them as they are or simply personalize them according to your requirements.

Use custom scripts to retrieve additional data from devices, monitor cloud services and applications, and more. By using standard network protocols, the scripts will allow you to retrieve valuable data and execute actions on the monitored devices and services.

Create a script or customize it according to your network monitoring needs.

Additionally, you can apply customized alerts on scripts to be notified when a specific event occurs.

Deliver endless possibilities with our ready-to-use scripts.

Empower your Custom Monitoring

Use the Domotz Public API to gain an accessible and comprehensive way to integrate 3rd party applications.

For example, Domotz provides integrations with 3rd party tools such as Power BI, Node-RED, Make, and more.

Leverage the power of 3rd party tools to customize your monitoring activity. You’ll see all your data in one or more Custom Dashboards where Domotz can display relevant information specific to your needs.

  • Rely on the Domotz Public API to create and organize customized reports, build custom dashboards, and more
  • Microsoft Power BI enables you to access data from hundreds of sources, such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure SQL DB, Excel, SharePoint, and more
  • Node-RED will help you improve flow-based programming for wiring devices, APIs, and online services
  • Make will allow you to design any workflow and scale your entire business

Give a boost and customize your monitoring with the Domotz possibilities.

Case Study

case study

We oversee the management of thousands of clients who leverage our features to enhance the efficiency of their technology using Domotz.

For example, Alvarez Technology Group takes advantage of the reporting features enabled by Domotz.

They created a process by which they send customized reports to their clients regarding the services they do for their clients. They also send the status of all the systems, including the cameras they are monitoring.

What’s more, they use the Domotz API to customize the reports further and extract a current image from the security cameras. They also add that to their reports, validating the online status and functionality of the cameras.

Read the whole case study.

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