Custom Integrations

Build your Custom Integrations to extract more information from devices, and monitor cloud services and even applications running on devices.

Safely manage your IT assets and get in-depth knowledge of your IT infrastructure.

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Unlock the power of retrieving insightful data from the devices in your network

Custom Integrations Driver

By using our custom scripts, you will gain visibility of data that is not currently available to the native Domotz user interface.

  • Retrieve valuable data from devices
  • Correlate external data to internal data to ensure systems are working as expected
  • Create custom automation that helps you work faster and more efficiently with these scripts
  • Execute actions directly on the devices

What can you do with the custom integrations feature?

Device Details

There are all kinds of ways to use the Domotz Custom Integrations. Here are a few examples:

  1. Monitoring a database to see more insightful information. Gain access to more insights and data flows. Trigger alerts when database details are out of bounds from known target values.
  2. Server usage or server status: look at servers that are being hosted, whether they are physical machines or virtualized machines; be able to interrogate those machines and look at things like what applications are running and how this information can be presented inside the UI.
  3. Checking the status of SSL certificates: you will be able to click a button and go and check these certificates to see when they expire and show that information. This makes a lot of sense regarding today's web services.
  4. Create drivers to better integrate Domotz and to perform custom actions and automation. For instance, rebooting a device.

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