New Device Discovery and Classification

Monitor what happens on your network with the device discovery and classification feature. Improve your security by increasing awareness and visibility.

Discover and monitor all your IP-connected devices regardless of brand or manufacturer.

With this feature, Domotz enables you to automatically identify all devices on your network so you can monitor and configure them easily.

Device Discovery Network Security

Gain full visibility on your network

Devices List Sofia Office

Domotz gives you full visibility on all the elements of your device list by automatically classifying them.

As a result, you can quickly filter, sort, and group device details for an improved view of what’s happening on your network.

In addition, you can set up real-time alerts when a new device joins your network, allowing the identification of potential network security threats.

Use the Domotz automatic device discovery feature to increase visibility: immediate awareness of new devices is a critical first step in network security that is often overlooked.

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