Gateway Monitoring

Domotz Gateway Monitoring empowers you to efficiently monitor and troubleshoot network gateways from a centralized platform.

This feature provides real-time visibility into the performance of routers, switches, modems, and other gateway devices, allowing you to address issues before they impact network connectivity proactively.

You can use Domotz to:

  • Manage gateway performance: Validate the network's performance for the system. Track bandwidth usage, identify connectivity issues, and ensure optimal gateway functionality.
  • Gateway remote access: Remotely upgrade systems as needed. Remotely access gateway settings.
  • Automated alerts: Get alerts for potential issues and comprehensive reporting on network performance.
  • Manage multiple gateway systems: Domotz will provide an intuitive dashboard to monitor multiple gateways across different locations, simplifying network management for businesses with diverse setups.

Domotz Gateway Monitoring enhances network reliability by quickly responding to connectivity issues and minimizing downtime.

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