Global Management

Search and configure all of your monitored networks and devices, in one intuitive dashboard. Easily, adjust monitoring properties of hundreds of devices cross different networks at one time.

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Find what you are looking for

The new, more powerful search engine, you can search across hundreds of thousands of devices on thousands of Agents and locate a specific device. Globally search by MAC address (unique), IP address, specific vendors, models, or even specific labels like devices in "Rack rooms".

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Edit it all

It is now possible to change properties of multiple devices across different agents - just select the devices and apply changes to properties like location, zone, type, model and more.

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Manage Settings

Use templating to replicate device configurations by exporting settings from one device and importing back into a multitude of other selected devices. For example, Export the SNMP configured OiDs (Eyes) and the relative alerts configured on one device under a specific Domotz Agent, and apply the same configuration to hundreds of other devices.

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