Asset Inventory

Effortlessly arrange, keep track of, and handle websites and gadgets with the Domotz Asset Inventory.

Use our Inventory dashboard to remotely access all devices on your monitored networks instantly.

Easily search for and configure numerous devices simultaneously, even across various networks and locations.

Site Explorer

Powerful Search Engine

Inventory Dashboard

Domotz's network monitoring software allows you to easily locate specific devices by filtering through hundreds of thousands of devices on thousands of Collectors using various criteria, such as IP/MAC address, vendors, models, or specific labels like devices in "Rack rooms".

Editing all properties in bulk

Select and edit properties of multiple devices across different collectors in bulk.

Apply changes to location, zone, type, model, and more.

Manage Settings

Automations & Scripts

Export device settings from one device and import them into multiple selected devices to replicate configurations.

Export the SNMP-configured OIDs and their relative alerts on one device to a specific Domotz collector, then apply the same configuration to multiple other devices.

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