Monitor any endpoint on your network

Domotz lets you monitor all the devices on your network for an affordable monthly fee. Monitor and manage all devices, even those across multiple VLANs and routed subnets, with a single Domotz Agent.

The MSP space is hugely competitive and constantly evolving. Domotz, network monitoring and management software, can give your business a huge competitive advantage.

Stay competitive in a fast-moving market. Learn more about our simple, straightforward, and transparent pricing.

Network Topology Map

Monitoring all endpoints has never been so easy

Inventory Devices

Keep track, monitor, and collect historical values from all the devices connected to your networks.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Secure remote connections
  • SNMP OID sensors
  • Pre-configured SNMP sensors
  • TCP services
  • Custom Integrations

Improve the quality and effectiveness of your team by working smarter and faster with Domotz.

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