Monitor External IP Address or Host

Domotz discovers and monitors all IP-connected devices regardless of brand or manufacturer. The software supports multiple VLANs with a specific configuration, allowing the monitoring of private layer 3 (max /16 subnet mask) subnets and external Public IP addresses hostname. Easily monitor an external IP address or host using Domotz.

The Network Setup information provides more details about any external IP address or host that has been added to a Domotz Agent.

External Host Device List

Quickly Configure and monitor external IP Addresses and Hosts

External Hostname IP Monitoring

Add an External Hostname/IP to monitor devices anywhere on the web, such as:

  • Your website
  • An off-site server
  • An external TCP service such as VoIP, FTP, etc

Once added, we monitor the external Hostname/IP like any other device. This means that we ping the external IP host every 30 seconds.

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