Multi-tenant Network Monitoring and Management

Our software is built for multi-tenant network monitoring and management. We help you scale fast without sacrificing performance or functionality. Domotz is a powerful multi-tenant network monitoring software that can help you manage multiple customers simultaneously.

Multi-tenant network monitoring and management features are perfect for service providers and large organizations with complex network systems. Visualize, organize, and manage all your customer sites from our inventory section.

Our multi-tenant network monitoring and management lets you intuitively manage multiple customer sites seamlessly with a single account.

Inventory Organizations

Multi-tenant Network Monitoring and Management for all your customer sites

Inventory Sites

Manage a large number of sites simultaneously and easily. We enable you to:

  • Act proactively when managing a large number of sites/devices
  • Monitor and manage multiple tenants and sites simultaneously
  • Quickly identify customers with priority issues to solve
  • Get a clear and simple view of all your customer sites

Get a tailored view of all your sites and any issues through our Organizations tab which is designed specifically for multi-tenant network monitoring and management.

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