Customized Monitoring Dashboards

Monitor what you want, in the way you want it! Create your own Monitoring Dashboard and customize it with the information about the devices.

Quickly sort, filter and visualize multiple sites and get easy access to the information you need.

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Add Monitoring Dashboards

Customized visibility across all sites

Monitoring Table

A Domotz Monitoring Dashboard lets you choose what to see, where to see this information, in the format of your choice:

  • Select which devices to monitor.
  • Choose what information about these devices to monitor.
  • Organize this information by creating your Monitoring Dashboards with multiple Monitoring Tables in each Dashboard.
  • Share your dashboards so that each Team Member can see the Monitoring Dashboards created by a colleague.
  • Create, change, edit, customize, filter, or remove information whenever you want.
  • Configure and display SNMP sensor values on multiple devices at once, and across sites using Monitoring Dashboards.

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