Network Performance Monitoring & Reporting

Use the network performance monitoring and reporting feature to ensure smooth network operation, minimize downtime, and enhance overall network performance.

You’ll get insights into network traffic, device connectivity, bandwidth usage, and latency. This feature includes network speed test and route analysis as well as device details and information about connection downtime.

What’s more, you can optimize your network's health and efficiency by using the Domotz Logging and Reports feature.

Network Performance Monitoring

Network Speed Test

Perform network speed tests on demand in real time. Domotz automatically runs speed tests every 6 hours to generate reports on network performance over time.

In addition, you can see everything in a searchable graph, allowing you to zoom, search, and filter the history of the speed test results.

Route Analysis

Route Analysis

Perform a Route Analysis to identify where Internet issues are originating: inside the network because of a configuration problem, from the Internet service provider or end service provider.Use this information to prevent bottlenecks and work smarter.



Our network monitoring software will help you monitor your Internet connectivity. Use Domotz to detect whether the Internet connection is available (Up) or not (Down).

Every minute the Domotz collector pings outside the network and sends a Heartbeat to the Domotz Cloud. If the Heartbeat is not received for a few minutes, the Cloud generates a trigger that can notify you about potential issues.

Network Log, Reports and Exports

Domotz offers logging, monthly reports and exports showing network and device history.

You can download, customize, email, and share reports with customers to help them understand the value of remote support!

You can also export a list of all devices on your network in an Excel format.

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