New Device Event

Domotz enhances network security by providing crucial information on three key aspects:

  • Device Connection Notification: The system promptly notifies users when a device connects to the network, utilizing various methods such as Wi-Fi
  • Device Location Tracking: Domotz specifies the location where a device has connected, whether at an access point or a switch port
  • Device Information Details: Additionally, the feature offers comprehensive information about the type of device, providing users with valuable insights for enhanced network management

Enhance your security with Domotz's “New Device Event” feature, which increases awareness and visibility.

Gain unparalleled visibility with Domotz, and stay secure with our cutting-edge monitoring features.

Receive real-time alerts and swiftly identify unauthorized and unidentified connections to your network. Experience the confidence of total network control with Domotz.

New Device Event

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