Remote Connection

Wondering how to connect to a remote device? The answer is here.

Secure remote connection automatically scans open ports for available services and enables remote access with a single click, with no need for a VPN or special router configuration.

Secure Remote Connection feature

The currently supported Remote Connection options include:

Embedded Remote Connection for Web Services (HTTP, HTTPS), Remote Desktop (RDP) , and Console Access (Telnet, SSH)

Generic TCP Tunnel for remotely connect to virtually any single device through the mean of any TCP proprietary protocol. For example, this can be used to remotely program an Home Automation system like Crestron, Lutron, Savant, Control4, etc, or to access VNC Servers, or SSH via proprietary terminal client, FTP server, Apple Airport, and many others.

Remote Connection Tool - Image 1

Remote Desktop Connection Access

Remote connection to Desktop enables you to access client machines supporting Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) via a secure encrypted connection.

Remote Connection Tool - Console Access (SSH, Telnet)

Console Access (SSH, Telnet)

Remotely access device consoles (SSH, Telnet) in a single click.

Remote Connection Tool - Web Access (HTTP, HTTPS)

Web Access (HTTP, HTTPS)

Remotely access device web interfaces, no router or firewall configuration necessary. With a single click, connect to lighting systems, control systems, IP cameras, routers and anything else that supports web access.

Remote Connection Tool - TCP Tunnel

TCP Tunnel

Use TCP Tunnel to connect prorietary client software to remote devices, such as Crestron, Lutron, Control4, ELK, Levitan, VNC, Apple Airport, and virtually any other TCP-based client server system.

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