Secure Network Collaboration

Use the Secure Network Collaboration feature for sharing access to a network with trusted users.

Invite members from different teams or organizations to collaborate on a specific site or multiple ones.

Agent owners and any delegated team members can grant network access to a trusted person with a Domotz account. As a result, you can share access to a single or multiple Domotz Agents with users outside of your organization.

Securely manage users, roles and access levels across multiple networks to enhance your security.

Collaboration Access Management New User

Manage users, roles, and network access levels using Domotz

Collaboration Access Management

Create and manage users by configuring access for your team members. In addition, you can invite a guest to access a network. Allow a trusted 3rd party user, which in many cases is a client, to access an agent or multiple ones.

As an MSP or IT Professional, you can provide access to your team members, or external 3rd party users, using one of the following features:

  • Team Management: create a team of colleagues from the Domotz Portal and allow members of the same organization controlled access to the same pool of Agents
  • Access Management: share access with members external to your team

Boost your security using the collaboration and team management features on Domotz.

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