SNMP and TCP Service Monitoring

Monitor any SNMP v2 OID values or availability of TCP Service on any port. Configure thresholds for alerting on those items.

Login for SNMP Monitoring
SNMP and TCP Service Monitoring feature

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SNMP Monitoring Configuration

Many features of Domotz are based on SNMP v2. Domotz needs the communities for Read and Read/Write specified in this section to reflect the current settings of the device you are monitoring. Default values (public for Read and private for Read/Write) are pre-configured for all devices.

Changing the values triggers the rediscovery of features based on SNMP values (e.g. Network Interfaces, OID based EYEs, etc). From this section it is also possible to override community strings for all the devices.

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SNMP Sensor Data Monitoring

In the Device Details screen go to the Eye tab and click on 'Add an SNMP Sensor'

The type of value the OID will return must match the manufacturer documentation and is important for the types of Alerts you wish to create based on this Sensor.

Once you have configured your Sensors you will see them listed with the value that the device is returning for that OID. By clicking on the arrows you can show/hide details of the individual Sensors.

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