Remote Access and Monitoring with Synology NAS

Get remote network monitoring software as an add-on package for Synology NAS.

Now many more end users can access Domotz’s comprehensive network monitoring features in a simplified way and without needing to purchase any new hardware or devices.

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Synology with Domotz Remote Access and Monitoring
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Why use Domotz with Synology?

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    Domotz is easy to install and available in the Synology App store

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    Automatically discover devices on your network

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    View devices on an intuitive network topology map

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    Secure Remote Access and Connectivity

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    Proactive Alerting helps you know what's happening on the Network

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    Test all the features with free trial

“Synology is proud to offer customers with more alternatives when it comes to running applications and managing data on their storage device. The addition of the Domotz package to DSM provides Synology users with more opportunities for network management.”

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Synology App Center - Domotz Network Monitoring

Installing Domotz on Synology

Domotz can be downloaded directly from the Synology Add-On PACKAGE CENTER. You will be able to download and install directly to your Synology NAS.

Domotz and Synology Network Monitoring and Remote Access Dashboard

Network Monitoring for Synology

Domotz offers Synology NAS users a full toolbox of monitoring and management features and functionalities for networks and connected devices. The system automatically discovers all IP connected devices, regardless of the brand.

Synology Domotz App Download - Remote Network Monitoring

Synology + Domotz Agent system requirements

If your hardware doesn’t meet or exceed the requirements below, the Domotz Agent will most likely not work with your Synology hardware.

  • DSM 5.x or later
  • Minimum 512MB of RAM
  • Any x86/x64 processor
  • The following ARM based processors: Marvell Armada 370, 375, XP
  • Models prior to the x10-series are NOT supported

Planned support for the following ARM based processors: Annapurna Alpine, Freescale QorIQ LS1024A/ Mindspeed Comcerto 2000.

Marvell Kirkwood processors are not supported, nor are any PowerPC based processors, such as the Freescale PowerQUICC or QorIQ P-series.

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