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How a custom installation business put an end to awkward software, saved truck rolls, improved scalability, and made sure that everything was perfect for their clients.

How an Integrator uses Remote Network Monitoring.
The Problem

HOMEPLAY, a UK based Home Technology business, have been offering support services for the last 3 years. Prior to discovering Domotz, the HOMEPLAY team used to combine little bits of software like VPNs and TeamViewer to remotely troubleshoot issues for their customers. Over time combining bits of software proved to be quite awkward to manage and impossible to scale. HOMEPLAY was looking for a better solution.

The Solution

HOMEPLAY initially tested out Domotz on 3 client sites. After validating the features and customer experience, Domotz was quickly implemented on a further 12 client sites. Now HOMEPLAY uses Domotz anytime an installation is completed to ensure that everything is working. Domotz was the right solution, to bring everything together under one user interface.


In one instance a HOMEPLAY installer was onsite finishing an installation. By using the Domotz mobile app to validate that everything was working for the client, the installer identified that an important device was offline. The installer immediately re-plugged the device and resolved the issue. Without Domotz the issue would have only been discovered upon returning to the office. In the end, Domotz saved the HOMEPLAY team another truck roll out to the customer’s home and made sure the client satisfied.

“Domotz did everything we expected, and more.”

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“We were one of the first customers for Domotz so have seen a huge amount of improvement to the platform over the years. Today, Domotz is by far and away the most comprehensive tool for remote systems management available, and still relatively inexpensive. It’s one of those tools that makes me think ‘how did we ever get by without this?!”

James Ratcliffe, owner of HOMEPLAY

The Results

On a day-to-day basis the HOMEPLAY team frequently use Domotz to remotely reboot Sky set top boxes for their customers. Domotz'salerting features notify the team in real-time when a device has gone down and through remote power management they can reboot the device, sometimes even before a customer notices. Domotz enables the HOMEPLAY team to proactively prevent issues to keep their customers happy.

Highest level of customer service
Countless hours and $$’s saved
Ability to offer more services including proactive issue prevention
Improved customer satisfaction

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