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Identytech Solutions

IdentyTech Solutions relies on Domotz to provide real-time notifications if any part of the network goes down, allowing their team to inform the customer of such an event, and even helping them navigate the cause of the issue.

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The Problem

Before we started using Domotz, if a device went down or offline, competing products would notify us 3 minutes later, and then our techs would have to travel to the site to unscrew the hardware from the wall to manually reboot it. If a device goes down and the device requires a reboot or troubleshooting, IdentyTech must reach out to our contractors and pay for additional labor expenses to have someone go investigate the issue. Our clients depend on IdentyTech Solutions to be able to remotely troubleshoot any piece of our installed hardware at a moment’s notice, and that’s where Domotz comes in.

The Solution

With the power of Domotz, our field techs can now handle all those issues remotely without ever having to visit the site. Whether the device needs a quick reboot or we need to check the viewing angle of a camera, Domotz improves our business by allowing our field tech’s to handle all those problems at the touch of a button. Domotz allows us to quickly be alerted, often before the customer even notices, that a piece of hardware has gone down or offline. And because Domotz comes with a 5-star mobile application, our field tech’s can be anywhere in the world and quickly respond right from their mobile device.


With Domotz, 80% of support service calls are no longer needed, as Domotz allows us to remote-diagnose and often fix the issue without ever needing to visit the site – saving IdentyTech travel and labor costs that would be involved with a site visit and contracted labor.

“Domotz improves our business by allowing our field tech’s to handle all those problems at the touch of a button.”

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“IdentyTech Solutions is a leading provider of intuitive biometric access control products and solutions. Founded in 2010, IdentyTech provides its worldwide customers with best-in- class complete identity management solutions. IdentyTech Solutions first installed Domotz as a way to gain insight into the network infrastructure, as IdentyTech was hired after previous companies had installed the network without leaving any documentation as to how everything was connected. The network was failing, leaving our client frustrated and our company’s devices going down on a frequent basis due to poor network infrastructure. A complete re-mapping was needed to find the source of the problem. The problem was – this site spanned 500,000 square feet – no simple task to find and account for every part of our network and figure out the way the various switches connected to each other.

But thanks to Domotz, what could have easily spanned a two-week project using other conventional methods only took 1 day, causing minimal interruption to our client. Using the Domotz mobile app, IdentyTech was able to unplug a switch and very quickly see which connected devices went down, allowing us to determine and trace the entire network in the course of 1 business day. Soon our network was mapped and the sources of the problem were quickly removed.”

Ross L, Director of Support and Customer Relations

The Results

IdentyTech Solutions relies on reliable network infrastructure to make sure our products are effective solutions for our clients. Domotz allows us to have near real-time notifications of when any part of this network goes down, to inform our customer of such an event, and even help them navigate the cause of the issue thanks to the superb reporting from Domotz.

Improved customer satisfaction
Saved time and truck rolls
Simplified client onboarding and setup
Decreased issue resolution time

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