Informatik Group

Using Domotz, Informatik Group was able to easily access the critical network infrastructure of the systems they deployed and the newly discovered systems downstream of their networks. Monitoring more than 2,600 devices at 30 sites spread across 6 continents, Informatik Group estimates they saved their client well over $250,000 in travel and resources.


Informatik Group, LLC is a professional consultancy team focused on providing rapid Information Technology transformation solutions to global organizations. Upon completion of a recent project, a successful 48-hour deployment, Informatik Group was monitoring 30 sites. Each of these sites, with over 590 critical infrastructure devices and more than 2,600 standard devices, were being actively monitored by Domotz, with real-time alerts and telemetry.

“Informatik Group estimated that, by implementing Domotz, they saved their client well over $250,000 in travel and resources. Logistically, having 30 remote sites scatted throughout the world, would have required a network engineer deployed at each site, ensuring that systems were up and running AND walking each site to find systems, taking time and the use of expensive engineering resources.”

In this Case Study:

  1. Rapid network identification is critical
  2. Fast deployment at scale
  3. Discovering unknown devices on a system
  4. Real-time monitoring and metrics
  5. Time, resources, and massive savings

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