Monitor Crestron Touch Screens and perform reboots through Domotz

Proactively monitor Crestron Touch Screens vital parameters, extending the classic monitoring of the device's status itself.

Crestron Touch Screens are advanced control devices that provide an intuitive, user-friendly interface for controlling various technologies in a home, business, or other commercial settings.

A Crestron Touch Screen typically features a large, high-resolution touchscreen display that allows users to interact with various systems, including lighting, audio/visual, HVAC, security, and more. Crestron Touch Screens are designed for ease of use and can also be integrated with many devices, such as lighting control systems, media servers, and voice-activated virtual assistants. Crestron Touch Screens are known for their sleek, modern design and robust features.

Remotely monitor Crestron Touch screens, perform reboots, and more using Domotz network monitoring software. Learn about the additional Crestron device monitoring integrations available.

Crestron Integration

checkiconCheck the Configuration of the Crestron Touch Screens deployed at your customer’s sites

checkiconMonitor the Temperatures at the CPU/SATA and PMIC levels

checkiconGet alerted if one of the vital parameters of the Touch Screen breaches a safeguard level

checkiconMonitor Crestron Touch Screens and Reboot them

How Monitoring Crestron Touch Screens Works

Crestron Device Details

You can monitor Crestron Touch Screens using our custom integration driver scripts. The scripts use the SSH-based CLI to access the Crestron Touch Screen. The script has been validated and tested on the TS-1070.

  • crestron_touch_screen.js - this script dynamically creates a table with the vital parameters for the Crestron Touch Screens. It also allows the reboot of the Touch Screen itself

You can find the Crestron Touch Screen driver codes in our examples library.

Just customize the drivers to fit your needs.

Easily Monitor Crestron Touch Screen

Crestron Touch Screen Monitoring

For each of the Crestron Touch Screens deployed in your customer locations, you’ll be able to identify a device’s configurations and their vital parameters correctly.

You can also extract the configurations and the vital parameters of your Crestron Touch Screens. This enables you to monitor the following parameters on Crestron Touch Screens:

  • Core 3 UI Level
  • CPU and SATA Temperature
  • PMIC Junction Temperature
  • DHCP Support
  • IP Entries
  • SSL and TJI Support
  • Web Server Status
  • And more

Issue a Reboot command for a Crestron Touch Screen

Crestron Touch Screen Performance Monitor

If you notice that a Crestron Touch Screen is not performing as expected, you can issue a Reboot command directly from Domotz.

You can also connect your Domotz WebHook or Public API data to a system like that will issue a Reboot command in response to an event (e.g., reboot when the Crestron Touch Screen becomes unresponsive).

For more info, please visit processing webhook events with and execute custom driver actions.

How to enable the Crestron Touch Screen driver

Crestron Touch Screen Create New Driver Crestron Touch Screen Driver Code

To enable the custom integration for Crestron Touch Screen monitoring, open the WebApp and follow these few steps:

  1. From the left menu, click on "Integration" then on the tab "Custom Integration"
  2. By clicking on “Create a new driver” will open a window where you need to choose the “Driver name” and the “Driver description”.
    For example: “Crestron Touch Screen” as a Driver name and a brief description of the purpose for this integration (e.g., “This driver monitors all info and temperature sensors and parameters and adds a reboot button to the driver page.*”)
  3. Copy the content of the following scripts from the example in the Driver code area (the empty space for the code):
    • crestron_touch_screen.js
  4. Apply the Custom Integration to your Crestron Touch Screens
  5. Note that the scripts use the SSH-based CLI to access the Crestron Touch Screens. Therefore credentials to access the SSH of the Touch Screens are required for the execution of this script.

The driver example code can be found at the links below:

Additional Resources:

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