Proactive Monitoring and Management for Crestron Systems

Domotz is a certified Crestron partner and we also have customized integrations with Crestron Systems for remote monitoring and management. Our integration with Crestron gives integrators a powerful network monitoring and management solution to deliver better customer service, reduce downtime, and solve problems faster.

Additionally, thanks to Domotz affordable pricing structure, as an integrator you have plenty of room to generate recurring monthly revenues built around services that leverage our software.

Crestron Integration

checkiconFull Visibility

With Domotz and Crestron working together, you get full visibility over your Crestron Systems, devices and networks. Furthermore, Domotz shows you every device connected to your network so you can better manage all your systems

checkiconDetect issues in advance

Instead of waiting for something to go wrong, Domotz lets you proactively monitor your Crestron devices so you can detect issues before your customers notice

checkiconSolve Remotely

When something does go wrong, solve the problem immediately. Use Domotz to solve problems before your customers notice, without having to visit a site, or spending time on the phone

checkiconRecurring Revenues

Use Domotz with Crestron to offer proactive maintenance and service programs to your customers. Thanks to Domotz affordable pricing, there is plenty of room for margins

Crestron Automation & Controllers Features

Crestron Device Details
  • Crestron System Discovery & Monitoring: Domotz automatically discovers Cresnet devices and monitors their status. Leveraging Crestron’s toolbox, Domotz securely monitors Crestron systems including controllers, PDUs, switches, touchscreens, and more.
  • Secure Remote Connection & Firmware Upgrades: proactively manage Crestron devices. Remotely connect to devices and deploy firmware and programming updates when you need to. Domotz also provides secure tunnels and VPNs on demand to your customer networks.
  • Network Topology Mapping: get a better understanding of your network infrastructure with visibility of network device connections. Domotz maps all network-connected devices on the network you are monitoring.
  • Remote Power Management: use Domotz PoE functionalities to remotely power cycle the individual ports of your Network switches. Take advantage of Domotz integrations to power cycle devices connected to network-controlled outlets. Solve problems without needing to bother your customers or drive to a site.
  • Proactive Alerting: get alerted about key events with your Crestron Systems, networks, and devices. Ensure all Crestron Systems, devices and network infrastructure are online and functioning as expected.

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