Domotz network monitoring software integrates with Cisco networking, cloud, and cybersecurity solutions to give MSPs better insight into the performance of Cisco network devices.

Domotz automatically saves configuration files and alerts to changes. At the same time, you can use Domotz to restore configurations as needed. The system also offers automatic port mapping and automatically shows the devices connected to each port of the switch.

The Domotz Cisco integration enables MSPs to increase their efficiency by giving them information about Cisco network equipment directly in Domotz. Users can see port details such as bandwidth consumption, errors, discarded packets, negotiated bandwidth, etc. In addition, if the switch is PoE, Domotz also reports the power consumption of the port and gives control of the PoE for that port.

Cisco Integration

checkiconAutomatic port mapping

Greater visibility for the devices connected to each port of the switch

checkiconGreater diagnostic of the network

Diagnostics & bandwidth consumption history for each network switch port

checkiconDirect PoE control

PoE control for the device connected to the PoE port of the switch

checkiconNetwork configuration management

Easily backup and restore configuration of a number of network devices

Greater insight for network devices

Cisco Diagnostics

Domotz shows information about the diagnostics and bandwidth consumption history for each network switch port.

The information the users can see directly in the Domotz system is the historical bandwidth consumption, errors, and discarded packets, as well as information on the status of the port (admin and config status, negotiated bandwidth, connected device).

In addition, Domotz offers you a direct PoE control for the device-connected PoE port of the switch by allowing you to control the PoE status of the switch port directly from the end device connected to that specific port.

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