HP Aruba Integration

Domotz network monitoring software integrates with HP Aruba enterprise networking and security solutions. Tackle network complexity, and performance to increase your MSP efficiency.

Get a better insight into the performance of HP Aruba network devices by automatically saving configuration files and alerts to changes. Backup and restore critical data for your switches, routers and access points using Domotz and HP Aruba.

Domotz HP Aruba Integration


Ensure critical components of your network infrastructure like HP Aruba switches, routers and access points are backed up

checkiconBusiness continuity

Ensure network performance through backups, streamline operations and deliver an outstanding experience for your end-users


Automate processes and easily manage configurations and alerts

checkiconNetwork configuration management

Easily backup and restore the configuration of a number of network devices

How HP Aruba integration works

How the Domotz HP Aruba integration works
  • Automatically back-up and restore your HP Aruba configurations using Domotz
  • Manually back-up specific configurations
  • Compare across different versions
  • Get alerted if something changes
  • Get notified if a running configuration is different from the saved one
  • Restore previous saved configurations
  • Upload and update the device with a new configuration

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