Backup MikroTik Configs Automatically

As a service provider, backing up the configs of critical network infrastructure devices like MikroTik firewalls is essential.

Domotz network configuration management features enable you to quickly and seamlessly backup your MikroTik configs automatically and on-demand.

Monitor networks, and manage the backing up of your MikroTik configs all from the convenience of the Domotz dashboard.

Learn more about our Network Configuration Management features and how to get started.

Mikrotik Integration

checkiconAutomate Processes

Schedule MikroTik config backups automatically to save time

checkiconPrevent Disasters

Follow procedures to prevent disasters

checkiconMinimize Downtime

If something does go wrong, get things up and running instantly

checkiconOptimize Security

Get alerted instantly if a network configuration changes on a MikroTik device, indicating a cyber threat

MikroTik Network Configuration Management Features

How the MikroTik Network Configuration Management Features work
  • Backup Configs: automatically backup MikroTik configs and on-demand too if you need to
  • Manage Changes: easily compare the running configuration with the saved and previous ones
  • Get Alerts: get alerted if a network configuration changes. Get notified if a running configuration is different from the saved one

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