HP iLO Monitoring

Domotz network monitoring software allows you to monitor HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO), an integrated server management technology invented by Hewlett-Packard for HP products that allows for remote control access to ProLiant servers.

Monitor your HP iLO devices using our:

  • SNMP pre-configured templates
  • Operating System (OS) monitoring feature

We’ll tell you more, just choose the information you want to monitor and Domotz will display it in a tailor-made customized table.

Simplify your HP iLO monitoring with Domotz.

Integration Domotz + HP iLO

How to monitor HP iLO

Monitor specific items for your HP iLO management platform using the following six pre-configured SNMP templates:

  • General Documentation Template can extract the following info: serial number, OS host, and system status
  • Memory Template: use it to extract physical memory size, free physical memory, paging memory size; free paging memory, fault tolerance protection system
  • Logical Hard Drives Template: logical drive status, logical drive fault tolerance, logical drive size, and so much more
  • Physical Hard Drives Table Template: index, location, status, condition, size, serial number, and model
  • Fans Template: index, location, presence, type, speed, condition
  • Processors Template: index, name, speed, status

Additionally, you can also use the Domotz OS monitoring feature to monitor HP iLO. Use Domotz to extract additional information such as HP iLO OS name, version, vendor, architecture, serial number, and build number. Note that our monitoring feature supports HP iLO devices via SSH and HP iLO 4 is not supported.

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