Supermicro Monitoring

Do you monitor Supermicro solutions? Do it with Domotz!

Supermicro provides high-performance servers, server management software, and storage systems.

Use Domotz to monitor Supermicro server performance and system performance proactively. Get quick access to crucial information and simplify your Supermicro remote monitoring using our pre-configured SNMP templates.

The available pre-configured SNMP templates are the following:

  • General Monitoring
  • Power Supply Units Monitoring

Receive notifications about system issues to resolve remote system management issues in advance. Get a better insight into the performance of the servers you manage to improve your overall server management.

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Integration Domotz + Supermicro

How to monitor Supermicro

Monitor specific items for your Supermicro using the following pre-configured SNMP sensors:

  • General/Documentation Monitoring: use this SNMP template to extract information about serial numbers, BIOS version, and BMC minor/major version
  • Power Supply Units Monitoring: use it to monitor Power Supply Units status, input/output voltage, temperature, and more

Power your Supermicro monitoring with the ready-to-use SNMP templates from Domotz.

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