Looking for more visibility and control over the Fortinet systems you manage? Do it with Domotz.

You can rely on Domotz to automatically detect and associate your devices with the port to which they are connected. The automatic switch port mapping will give you access to the advanced functionalities of the switches you manage. It will display PoE consumption, current upload/download rate, and a 30-day history of throughput, errors, and packet loss information.

In addition, you can use the Domotz pre-configured SNMP templates for FortiSwitch Secure Access switches and FortiGate Firewall. We have developed a General/Documentation Monitoring template for FortiSwitch and numerous SNMP pre-configured templates for FortiGate Firewall. Automatically apply the pre-configured templates of your choice to simplify monitoring. Moreover, you will be able to create personalized dashboards to monitor faster and easier all the metrics of your choice.

Use the Domotz ready-to-use templates to speed up monitoring of your Fortinet equipment.

Domotz + Fortinet Integration

How to monitor Fortinet FortiSwitch

Fortinet Switch

Monitor specific items for your FortiSwitch with our pre-configured SNMP template.

FortiSwitch General/Documentation Monitoring Template will help you extract general properties such as:

  • Serial number
  • Firmware version
  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • Hard disk size
  • Hard disk usage
  • Trunk members

Improve your overall efficiency with Domotz and FortiSwitch.

How to monitor Fortinet FortiGate Firewall


Monitor specific items for your FortiGate Firewall with our pre-configured SNMP templates:

  • General/Documentation Template: use it to extract information like serial number, firmware version, CPU and memory usage, and more
  • Hardware Sensors Template: monitor temperature, power supply unit condition, fans speed, and more
  • Stats Template: monitor HTTP/HTTPS requests examined, HTTP/HTTPS requests allowed, and more
  • WebFilter Stats Template: monitor HTTP/HTTPS sessions blocked, and HTTP/HTTPS URL blocked
  • VPN SSL Tunnels Template: monitor username, source IP, incoming/outgoing traffic, connection IP, and more
  • VPN Tunnels (Not SSL) Template: monitor name, status, IP Local Gateway, IP Remote Gateway, In Traffic, Out Traffic
  • IPV4 Sessions Template: monitor the IPV4 session active in the firewall
  • IPV6 Session Count Template: monitor the IPV6 session active in the firewall
  • High Availability Properties Template: mode, priority, automatic synchronization, load-balancing configuration, and more
  • High Availability Stats Template: monitor synchronization status, network bandwidth usage, session/packets count rate, and more

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