Domotz Juniper Integration

Domotz network monitoring software integrates with Juniper. If you are an MSP, an IT Professional, or a System Administrator, you will enable to tackle network complexity and performance to increase your efficiency.

Get a better insight into the performance of Juniper network devices by automatically saving configuration files and alerts to changes.

Use Domotz with Juniper to back up and restore critical data for your switches, routers, and access points.

Juniper Integration

checkiconMore Visibility and Control

Get better control for your network infrastructure devices

checkiconDetect Issues in Advance

Proactively monitor your devices to detect issues before your customers notice

checkiconSolve Remotely

Solve issues without having to visit a site, or spending time on the phone

checkiconRecurring Revenues

Offer proactive maintenance and service programs to your customers

How to monitor Juniper Components Monitoring

Juniper Components Monitoring

Use our integration script to extract information about Juniper Components Monitoring.

With this SNMP template, you will be able to monitor the following:

  • Component Name
  • CPU Usage
  • Temperature

Quickly open our library and choose the custom script that fits your needs.

How to monitor the Juniper Alarm

Juniper Alarm

With the Juniper Alerts Monitoring SNMP template, you will be able to monitor “Relay mode”.

The alarm relay mode of the craft interface panel for both yellow and red alarms. A front panel Alarm Cutoff / Lamp Test (ACO/LT) button could cut yellow and red alarms.

In pass-on mode, the alarm relay will be activated to pass on the yellow or red alarms, while in the cut-off mode, both yellow and red alarms will be cut off from the alarm relays normally connected to audible sirens or visual flashing devices.

You’ll also have the Yellow and Red Alarm State on a different line.

You can find this script in our library.

How to monitor Juniper Led Table

Juniper Led Table

Rely on our script to monitor the Led Table on a Juniper device.

With the Juniper Led Table SNMP template, you will be able to monitor the LED indicator status listed by item.

Browse our library to find the other integration scripts related to Juniper.

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