Domotz network monitoring software integrates with Luxul switches and routers. Easily set up your network configuration management on Luxul devices.

Proactively monitor your systems with Domotz to get a better management over your networks.

Looking for more visibility and control over Luxul devices? Use Domotz to get alerts for chosen events, upload, change or restore configurations and automatically backup procedure in place.

Domotz is the perfect solution for Luxul configuration management, alerts and remote control.

Luxul Integration

checkiconMore Visibility and Control

Remote management and control for your network infrastructure devices

checkiconDetect issues in advance

Instead of waiting for something to go wrong, Domotz lets you proactively monitor your devices so you can detect issues before your customers notice

checkiconSolve Remotely

When something does go wrong, solve the problem immediately. Use Domotz to solve problems before your customers notice, without having to visit a site, or spending time on the phone

checkiconRecurring Revenues

Use Domotz with Luxul to offer proactive maintenance and service programs to your customers. Thanks to Domotz affordable pricing, there is plenty of room for margins

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