Network Monitoring and Management for NETGEAR Systems

Domotz brings innovative network monitoring and management to NETGEAR switches, access points and routers. Proactively monitor and manage your NETGEAR systems and any network in real-time using Domotz.

If you are looking for powerful network management features for your NETGEAR switches, access point and routers, Domotz is the perfect add-on. We give you 24/7 network monitoring, end-point management, remote device access, power management, alerts, network configuration management, and so much more.

Domotz and NETGEAR integrate seamlessly to add cutting-edge features to managed switches, Insight access points, and Orbi Pro wireless systems.

NETGEAR Integration

checkiconMore Visibility and Control

Remote management and control for your NETGEAR network infrastructure devices

checkiconDetect issues in advance

Instead of waiting for something to go wrong, Domotz lets you proactively monitor your NETGEAR devices so you can detect issues before your customers notice

checkiconSolve Remotely

When something does go wrong, solve the problem immediately. Use Domotz to solve problems before your customers notice, without having to visit a site, or spending time on the phone

checkiconRecurring Revenues

Use Domotz with NETGEAR to offer proactive maintenance and service programs to your customers. Thanks to Domotz affordable pricing, there is plenty of room for margins

If you are looking for a better way to manage your NETGEAR products, Domotz has the solution for you

NETGEAR Switch Info

Our network management features for NETGEAR products help you work more efficiently:

  • Automatic Device Discovery, Recognition & Classification
  • Managed Switch Port Mapping
  • Wireless Access Point Monitoring
  • Managed Switch Configuration Backup & Restoration

Using NETGEAR hardware alongside Domotz helps you manage your networks with more visibility and insight.

Proactively monitor NETGEAR Systems remotely

  • Managed Switches features: Domotz now includes automated switch port mapping, power management via PoE, bandwidth graphs, and information on errors and packet discards. Additionally, network configuration management features are now available including backup and restoration of configuration files, alerts on configuration changes that help with network security and the ability to compare and quickly roll back to previous configuration versions.
  • Insight-based wireless access points features: possibility to retrieve detailed information on the device like firmware version, serial number and perform software reboot. Additional available info are System Information, Network Information (WAP Configuration), Radio Properties and much more.
  • Orbi Pro routers and mesh systems features: more detailed information and analytics are now available. This new information includes device, system and network information as well as radio properties, controller and reboot details, client connections and wireless LAN properties.

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