Domotz pre-configured SNMP sensors for QNAP NAS devices

Domotz network monitoring software provides pre-configured SNMP sensors for QNAP Network-attached Storage (NAS) devices.

Monitor information like the number of hard disks, volumes, CPU usage, and more. The data is grouped into three separate views using our SNMP templates:

  • NAS Basic Info Table includes information about the CPU usage, CPU temperature, total available memory, free memory, uptime, system temperature, number of hard disks, volumes, last error message
  • NAS Hard Disks Table details about hard disks, description, status, capacity, info, temperature, and model
  • NAS Volumes Table shows volumes, description, free size, total size, filesystem, and status

Monitor crucial details about your QNAP NAS with ready-to-use SNMP sensor templates.

Integration Domotz + QNAP NAS

checkiconEasy to Use

No time-consuming configuration process and no complicated instructions to follow

checkiconMonitoring Templates

Automatically extract and monitor crucial information via SNMP using pre-configured templates

checkiconDynamically Updated

Your SNMP sensors for QNAP NAS devices are pre-configured and updated in real time

checkiconSave Time

Monitor metrics and KPIs instantly with your monitoring templates and save time

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