Simplify Power Management through Domotz

Proactively monitor your GUDE power distribution units (PDUs) and manage your connected devices with Domotz.

Our PDU monitoring and management features allow you to proactively monitor your customer systems to minimize time and effort. When you connect GUDE to Domotz, our network monitoring software will automatically discover and recognize all your devices on the network and allow you connect those devices to the GUDE PDU Outlets. In this way, you can start monitoring and managing those devices more effectively.

Solve problems before they become real issues through our remote access and predictive maintenance features.

Integration Domotz + Gude

checkiconSimplify monitoring and management with proactive alerting and prevention

checkiconEasily power cycle all your connected devices remotely

checkiconReduce troubleshooting time and minimize downtime

checkiconImprove operational efficiency, customer service and loyalty

Easily Monitor your GUDE smart PDUs

Gude Expert Power Control

Our integration enables you to:

  • Automatically discover GUDE Power Distribution Units within Domotz
  • Assign Network devices to PDU outlets
  • Power On/Off and reboot your connected devices remotely

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